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Sell Your Supplies

Selling your excess diabetic supplies has never been easier. Just follow a few simple steps and get paid for your diabetic supplies on the same day.

  • Collect all your excess supplies.
  • Inspect & ensure that the supplies have at least ten (10) months to expiry and the labels, seals are unbroken / undamaged.
  • Organize the supplies by their manufacturer, type and box size. Do not tear off the labels. Please not that we carefully remove the labels our end. If you still want to remove your information, use a soft, felt-tip marker for the same. Please note that we cannot accept damaged boxes.
  • Price all your supplies using the cash calculator on our website. We provide the best pricing for all your supplies available on the internet.
  • The cash calculator provides the total pricing of your supplies as you enter the details. Once you've filled up the form, you need to decide whether you want us to collect the supplies from your home or office. OR you want to ship the supplies to us.
  • If you want to ship the supplies to us, print the packaging form and a copy of your totals from the quick cash calculator and ship it to us. You can track your shipment from our website as well. Our shipment address is:

    20423 State Road 7, Suite 136
    Boca Raton, FL 33498
    Phone: (561)-948-3700

  • Please note that we reimburse the shipment in full along with the payment for your diabetic supplies. We authorize you to send them via USPS (United States Postal Service) FIRST CLASS MAIL for reimbursement under $100.00, if over $100.00, you may ship via PRIORITY MAIL.

Refer to our FAQ section for more details or just give us as call at: (561)-948-3700

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