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Privacy Policy

DiabeticTestStrips.org Privacy Policy clarifies our position concerning access this website. All information submitted to DiabeticTestStrips.org through this website is confidential to our customers and DiabeticTestStrips.org.

DiabeticTestStrips.org does not sell, distribute or disclose "any" information to "any" third-party interest.

Links that may be found on www.DiabeticTestStrips.org leading to other websites may contain privacy policies different from that of DiabeticTestStrips.org as well as content for which DiabeticTestStrips.org is not responsible for any claims, other than the service offerings provided through our website.

Regarding information that we may collect:

  • Information from our Opt-in Forms, use of the Quick Cash Calculator and service requests sent to DiabeticTestStrips.org are processed and saved to assist DiabeticTestStrips.org and customers' who inquire through the website.
  • Information provided by users from any and all forms and surveys can be collected.
  • User-specific or collective information from pages visited by our website visitors as well as the e-mail addresses from those communicating via e-mail.

How We Use Collected Data:

The information (data) we collect is used to improve the user experience while on DiabeticTestStrips.org and to facilitate our presentation of content we consider important to website visitors.

We may use users' e-mail addresses to contact a customer regarding promotional offers, website updates or other information we deem necessary to improve the overall customer experience.

DiabeticTestStrips.org uses website visitor information for statistical analysis, for marketing and/ or promotional usage exclusive to DiabeticTestStrips.org - no third parties have access to customer information.

DiabeticTestStrips.org may maintain a database that contains this information for sending future postal or e-mail messages to update users on this site's possible upgrades, new products, promotions and/or services, possible future events and/or customer order status.

For your safety and protection, your credit card information is not stored on our servers. Our payment gateway provider, Paypal, keeps this information encrypted and secure on your behalf.

Third-Party Data Disclosure

Personal information provided to DiabeticTestStrips.org is used only in the following ways:

  • To consider a user at DiabeticTestStrips.org account
  • To market products and/or services we determine users may be interested in.
  • To comply with legal local, state and federal requirements

Data collected is never shared, rented, sold nor otherwise disclosed to third parties.

Opting Out

You may remove your information from our database(s) by contacting DiabeticTestStrips.org at info@DiabeticTestStrips.org and requesting that your information be removed. Once your information is removed, we no longer use it for any purpose, and you will no longer receive via e-mail or by postal carrier any updates on products and/or services from DiabeticTestStrips.org.

User Rights to Personal Data

At the user's request through postal carrier or via e-mail, a summation of the user's personal information that DiabeticTestStrips.org maintains will be sent to the user's e-mail or postal address recorded in our files.

Modifications of any kind, such as change of postal address, e-mail address, phone number, etc., as well as requests for user's removal from database should be sent to info@DiabeticTestStrips.org . 

Legal Age to Participate

Users of the website www.DiabeticTestStrips.org must be at least 18 years old.

Contacting Our Users

DiabeticTestStrips.org occasionally contacts its users for reasons including but not limited to: changes in a user's account status, changes in subscriber agreements, privacy policies, or other relevant amendments or modifications to the website or to the relationship between the user and DiabeticTestStrips.org

Privacy Policy Changes

DiabeticTestStrips.org may elect to change any component of its private policy. If it does, users will be notified either via e-mail or by posting the change(s) on the website.

Contact Us

All questions regarding the privacy policy or any other aspect or practice at DiabeticTestStrips.org may be addressed by contacting us via e-mail.


In compliance with the Can Spam Act of 01/01/04, DiabeticTestStrips.org sends e-mail to its users for the following reasons:

  • To request any additional information we may need from a user
  • To respond to any question a user may have sent us via email
  • To send users occasional advertisements for our services
  • To thank our users for their participation and business

Users can be assured that all e-mail sent from DiabeticTestStrips.org will clearly identify it as the sender, the subject line will describe what the e-mail is about, and the ability to unsubscribe will be included with the exception of customer service-type e-mails regarding monetary issues. 


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