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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does DiabeticTestStrips.org pay for shipping the diabetic supplies to you?
A. Yes, we reimburse you the shipping costs upto $500. In case the shipping cost if more than $25, please call us to confirm before sending the parcel. Please note that you would need to pay USPS for the shipping costs when you send us the supplies. On receipt of the supplies, our service representatives would call you for confirmation and would simply REIMBURSE you the cost of shipment along with the payment for your diabetic supplies.

Q. What prices do you guarantee for my diabetic supplies?
A. DiabeticTestStrips.org guarantees the prices listed on the website for your diabetic supplies as long as your supplies are unexpired and packed in undamaged & unmarked boxes. Ensure that your diabetic supplies are unexpired with at least 8 months of dating on boxes. If less than 8 months or recently expired, please call us for current pricing. The boxes should be in new condition, sealed with no sign or wear & tear. You can mark off your name or details with a simple soft tipped marker if you are uncomfortable sending us your details. However, please be sure that we remove off all labels from the boxes as we receive them. Once we receive your products, we'd get in touch with you asap confirming the receipt and any discrepencies if they arise.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of diabetic supplies I can send to you?
A. No, there's no limit to the amount of supplies you can send to us. You can send as many teststrips, lancets or glucose meters you have to us and get paid on the same day.

Q: If I change my mind after sending the supplies to you, can you send the supplies back to me?
A. Yes, We'd be able to return back your diabetic supplies as long as you let us know within 2 days of shipment of your supplies. Please note that you'd need to bear the shipment cost for the original and return shipment in case you want us to send the supplies back to you. We strongly urge you to be sure of selling your diabetic supplies before you make the shipment to us.

Q. How can I contact someone at DiabeticTestStrips.org?

A. Our customer support team is available on all working days. Please call us on (561)-948-3700 or fill up the form here or mail us at: DiabeticTestStrips.org 20423 State Road 7, Suite 136 Boca Raton, FL 33498

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