Can I Sell My Diabetic Test Strips Online Legally?

Diabetics are often on the lookout for ways to secure the diabetic test strips and other supplies that they need to monitor and control their glucose levels. This will often mean doing some comparison shopping at local retailers and various online sites. Along the way, they will come across some buyers who offer to purchase any unused supplies they may have on hand.

As you read some of these ads, you may wonder if it is really legal to resell your unused diabetic supplies. The fact is that doing so is perfectly legal, outside of a couple of key exceptions. Those restrictions have to do with how you went about buying the supplies originally and the current condition of any strips, lancets and other items that you would like to sell. As long as the items you wish to sell are within those legal limits, there will be no problem at all.

Why Would People Want to Sell Unused Supplies?

At first glance, you may wonder why there would even be a desire to resell diabetic test strips and various kinds of diabetic supplies. There are actually good reasons for doing so. The seller may have recently purchased a new meter and has no use for the still perfectly good strips that fit the old one. Perhaps the user has found it more comfortable to use one of the lancet pens on the market rather than keep using the individual lancets. The bottom line is that those unused supplies are still perfectly good, but no longer provide any real benefit to the owner. Under the circumstances, why not sell them to somebody who can put them to good use?

Observing the Legalities

If you are interested in reselling your diabetic test strips or other kinds of diabetic supplies, it is important to consider how you went about obtaining them in the first place. If you paid for the diabetic supplies out of pocket, then the only thing you need to do is make sure they are still good. That means the test strips have not expired yet, the lancets are still sterile, and the alcohol pads are still moist. In short, you do not want to offer anything for sale that is unsafe or will not provide value to the buyer.

When you secured those supplies using some sort of government program such as Medicare or Medicaid, the fact is that you are not free to resell them. This is because the terms and conditions that apply to these government programs prohibit the resell of any medications or medical supplies that are provided under the provisions of the coverage. If it comes to light that you offered supplies that were obtained through one of these programs for sale, it could mean suspension or termination of your benefits, and possibly some sort of legal action.

In order to prevent being involved in the illegal resell of diabetic test strips or other types of diabetic supplies, many buyers will require that the items be in their original packaging. The codes used on those packages will make it easier to determine if they were issued under a government plan, or if they were purchased by the seller